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Välkommen Till Malmö
Striped to make you look thin.
Let us be the first to welcome you to the beautiful city of Malmö, where crime is all high and yet, we love the city without any doubts.

Printed on American Apparel 2001

Välkommen till Malmö
All white!
Let us be the first to welcome you to the beautiful city of Malmö, where crime is all high and yet, we love the city without any doubts.

Printed on American Apparel 2001

Strangers have the best candy
That's what my mum told me at least.
Stranger danger! Beware!! Straight up. It doesn't matter what your mum said when you were a kid..

Printed on DKSP DKs01 ( Click for sizes )

Flash Fedora
Remember, only one fedora per crew, unless you want to be a douche!
Be stylish, stylish as hell, with this Distorted Kids Flash Fedora. Everyone will envy you, like they did Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street!

One size fits all!

Välkommen till Malmö Bag
Something to carry your goods in.
Nice little bag with an awesome screen print on it. Perfect to cary your books in, or your stuff for the beach.. or your alcohol!

The most hip hop you can get.
Word up yo. BLAO BLAO BLAM!

Printed on DKSP DKs01 ( Click for sizes )

Chalk Board
One board to remember it all!
This board is perfect to put on the wall so that it can help you remember everything you want! Or just throw some trucks and wheels on it and skate the fucker downhill!

Dimensions of the board are 31" x 7", you know, standard size for a skateboard.

DISCO disco disco!
Purest form of awesomeness.
This shirt is made for the dance floor, the hipster dance floor. Show everyone that you're REALLY ironic, like, super ironic. The material on the shirt is super-reflex/reflection.

Printed on DKSP DKs01 ( Click for sizes )

Malmö Seagull
The city's OWN bird.
It doesn't matter where you wake up in Malmö, you will always wake up to the sounds of the glorious seagulls that populate more or less every street corner.

Printed on DKSP DKs01 ( Click for sizes )

Softa Trooper
Distorted Kids X Softa.
Collaboration between The Distorted Kids and

Printed on American Apparel 2001

Välkommen underwear
Special gift, in your pants.
These tidy not-so-whitey are only available at the store in Malmö, for free with any purchase (for as long as we have it in stock).

Good games never die!
The classic shirt is back.
You know it's true, right player?

Printed on American Apparel 2001

Store Location
It's not all about the web.
The Distorted Kids Store is located in all it's glory in Sweden, Malmö, at Klostergatan 4. Right behind Hilton Hotel.

Drop by and say Hello.
Store Opening Hours
Wednesday > Friday
1 PM > 5.30 PM

For additional opening hours and random stuff, follow us on the twitters, @DKSPmalmo.

What is this?
Just two guys, doing some design.
All design found on this site can be bought and picked up at the store. Mail us if you want to buy stuff, but are unable to visit our location.
We all have a portfolio site.. this site however, is a way of showing everyone that we don't only do logos and websites.. we create so many other things.
The Distorted Kids Store is a product of Christian Fundin & Pontus Madsen. They also run Distorted Kids AB, a design agency.

Contact Us

iPhone Cases
Distorted Kids, around your phone!
We had a few limited edition iPhone cases made with some awesome Distorted Kids graphic on them made.
Drop by the store, we'd love t show them off and we KNOW you'll be wanting to take one of these bad asses with you home.
Not all cases are show in the picture, we have a couple more in store, so drop on by!

Destroy / Freedom.
This Shemagh skull scarf will make you look cool. You can even wear in indoors like a REAL hipster would.. I know I will.

Offers superb head and neck protection from the scorching desert sun and wind blown sand which we all encounter on our way to and from work every day. It is also a superb head garment for military or tactical use.. if that floats your boat.

Available in three different colors: olive green, tan yellow, eskimo white.

Future History Made Today.
Show everyone that you mean business when you travel. Show everyone that you don't take traveling light. When you travel, you T.R.A.V.E.L.™

Luggage strap with the text "FUTURE HISTORY MADE TODAY" screen printed on it a little bit clumsy and off mark, to show everyone that you can handle the unexpected, you even expect the un expected.

The symbolic raglan shirt.
The future is now. Future History Made Today.

Limited edition.

The foldable beach bag
Fits in your pocket/Your pocket fits in it.
Foldable beach backpack, for those sunny days. And if you want to leave everything at the beach and only take the backpack with you home, you just fold it up and pull the cord.

Works well at Shibuya Crossing too.

Limited edition.

Destroy, erase, improve, you're in charge.
Well.. it's hard rock, and we're heavy metal, so we met in the middle.

Limited edition.

L'exploration des océans
Tres bien!
Regular sailing or speedboating, it doesn't matter, as long as you have your adventure cap on and a heart filled with exploration motivation.

Limited edition.

Order online?
Please email us for inquiries.

Distorted Kids Store.
Klostergatan 4, Malmö, Sweden

Opening Hours.
Wed > Fri - 12:30 PM > 5:45 PM

The Kids on Twitter
You can follow Distorted Kids using @DKSPmalmo.

The Kids on Facebooks
Distorted Kids FB Page.

If you have any questions or if you have suggestions on how we can make the site/store better, feel free to email us at